Educating small business so that they can grow using the Internet

Last week I started delivering a series of seminars focussed on teaching small business how to use the internet to build their businesses.

The series is free and is being funded by the federal department, AusIndustry. Any small business can come and learn about all aspects of developing a web presence from simple HTML skills, online marketing strategies and developing an eCommerce system to everything in between.

While I am working with businesses in the Illawarra and Southern Highlands, there are seminars being run all over Australia. To qualify for the free courses you simply need to have an ABN and have under 20 employees. You just turn up, soak up the knowledge and lunch is included.

With the seminars I have delivered so far, it was overwhelmingly the case that many small businesses have embryonic Web 1.0 sites but have a lot to learn about Web 2.0 and eCommerce. The good news about Web 2.0 is that if you are an autodiadect then you have a very good chance of finding all you need on the internet. Still, it can be great to have someone to guide you through and eCommerce can be tricky, so if that is you sign up to one of the free courses I am speaking at through CleverLink in the Illawarra or look for other courses in your area.

If you are not sure why you should be active with social media small business or otherwise, have a look at this video.


About Libby Malcolm

Libby Malcolm is an internet professional based in Sydney.
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