Why I became a Christian.

Strangely, it is a question I am not asked very often.

I guess people are polite, and don’t like to talk about religion because it is considered to be very personal, and we generally are happy with the choices others make so it is not discussed very often.

So, if you know me (or even if you don’t know me) and wonder what has drawn me to God, here’s the low down.

Firstly, I just plain old believe in God.

I look at nature and see incredible order and beauty in creation. The luminescence in the blue of the sky, the beauty of a bird’s feathers, the way our bodies work, the weather cycle, the seasons. It is just so implausible to me that it was all chance.

For whatever reason: the God gene, the Holy Spirit if you believe in Him.. I just believe. I have read research that a lot of people do just plain old believe in a God and have a faith – especially during storms!

Well, that is me with one difference. I got to know who God is and have found out He is someone whose heart breaks when we don’t get to know Him. That He has a personality and a character helps me to understand that He isn’t a floaty, lofty idea of a heavenly being. He is concrete and real, and He wants me to know him, not just know of him.

Secondly, God is love.

The very best thing that I now know is that the force that is behind the world is good. Life to me would be meaningless without being secure in the knowledge that I was created for a purpose and that I am truly loved.

God is very clear that He made me specifically so that He could know me and love me. Just as James and I made our children so we could love them and watch them grow, He decided that I would exist so that he could watch me grow and He could be a doting and loving Father to me.

I also think about existence itself and can’t believe it has no meaning.  The love I have for others is so very real, the love that is within me for my children I know is a source of good and has to have a foundation. It makes sense to me that the person that made me loves me just the same (or unbelievably moreso!)

When there is so much evil in the world, I am comforted by knowing the bigger picture, and knowing the bigger picture has a happy ending for those who want to be a part of God’s plan is immensely grounding.

Heaven is a great story

What we refer to generically as Heaven is described as a ‘new heaven and a new earth’  in the Bible.

This means that God promises to restore creation to its beautiful, perfect state. Our relationships, our health, (my ageing) body will all be restored to the beautiful gleaming states they were intended to be. I for one will be glad the garden will stop growing weeds!

The reason the world is broken and is so painful at times is becasue God wanted to give us the free choice to decide to follow Him. If He had made it perfect to start we would not have had he choice between following Him or choosing not to.

It is painful for Him as well as us that the world is such a terrible place. He could fix it in an instant and make us all go to heaven but that would be a dictatorship and would not be the result of real, freely chosen love.

God wants justice – so he sent Jesus

You know,  I see grumpy old religious types and I just know there is no love of God in them. They judge and are emotionally defecit characters.  Pedophiles in churches, pious types, cruel to those who ask them for leadership by their coldness. It is so easy to be disillusioned. And then you meet a dear sweet old lady who has walked close and obeyed God and she shines Jesus’ Love. It shows when it is real, don’t you think?

It is often hard to see God in others as we are so faulty. Me especially as the people who know me will testify!

God judges harshly and I know I can never meet up to the expectations of perfection (nor does the little old lady). None of us can. God’s design is that justice will be served.  This life can be so unfair. Children starve, people are hurtful to each other, stealing, murdering. I want to know that justice will be served.

The good news is: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

This is the central point. You can go to God, becasue of Jesus’ death on the cross, and ask for forgiveness.

And. He. Will. Forgive. Even. ME.

More than that, He will gather the company of heaven to celebrate that one of His loved children has returned to Him. He will prepare a place for you in that new Kingdom and then walk beside you as you navigate your way through this life.

Isn’t that great? Who would have thought God would do that?

So that’s the crux of it. Often it hasn’t been an easy path to choose and but it has given me so much peace and genuine contentment knowing who I am and why I am here. If you want to know more drop me a line.


About Libby Malcolm

Libby Malcolm is an internet professional based in Sydney.
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7 Responses to Why I became a Christian.

  1. Meagan says:

    Hi Lib,

    Lovely to see you are now enjoying the time to reflect & just be, having read this blog & your sea change blog. Wish I could say the same!

    Looking forward to seeing you,

    Meagan x

  2. Looking forward to seeing you too Meagan! Angus is busting to see Jordie and hopefully James can catch Neil too!

  3. Scott Walters says:

    For the record; I see God in you! In your service to others, your grace, your non-judgemental way and so the list goes on. I’m blessed to know you as a Christian sister. My fervent prayer, however, remains that, underserving though we are, He will see fit to stop the suffering of my beautiful wife, in this life.

  4. Pip Forsyth says:

    Hi Lib,
    WOW. You just continue to shine for me. What a wonderful woman and He definitely knows it in your kindness, genuine care for others and your inner strength. Keep up in the devine life you are creating for your family and all those around you. You are an inspiration. xx pk

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